Bonus talks

Here are a couple of added bonus talks that can be watched in addition to the other talks. Watch this space as there may be others to follow!

Sheila Malone, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Lancaster University

‘I’ vs ‘We’: Ethics and Tourism

The talk looks at the role of ethics in tourism and a view post-Covid.

Link to talk:

Carol Raithatha – Director for Carol Raithatha Limited

Food colourful food: Colour and the psychology of food choice

The sensory attributes of food products are key to their acceptance, and consumers use their all of their senses when experiencing food and drinks. Appearance is one of the most prominent modalities of food products with colour being important element in this context. This talk outlines why food colour is important, why it is becoming more important, and some trends to watch. For example, how might the current lockdown affect how we relate to food colour? Will the trend to reduce food packaging continue and will it affect how we react to food colour? What may be  be popular food and drink colours of the future? In general expectations, technology, and cultural symbolism and trends play key roles, and this will be discussed.

Speaker Bio: Carol is an independent consultant specialising in sensory evaluation, consumer research, and market research. She is director of Carol Raithatha Limited focuses on food and drink and related sectors such as personal care, homecare, and healthcare. Clients include multinational consumer goods companies, smaller manufacturers, and research organisations and agencies. Carol is the author of a number of market reports and articles on topics including food and drink trends, flavours, packaging, salt reduction, and more. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and a committee member of its Sensory Science Group. Carol is also a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.

Link to talk:

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